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The Syriac Maronite Church views God as mystery.  Since there is a great distance between Creator and creation, no person can fully grasp God.  All language about God is limited.  The process leads to mystical union – the more one loves God, the more one encounters him.

Two aspects account for this notion of “mystery”:

  • the Jewish Christian origins of the Maronite Church.
  • the familiarity with the scriptures and poetry.

Maronite Approach to Prayer

Prayer is cultivating an awareness of God as always beyond our reach yet always present to us.  To pray means to see God’s “fingerprints” in humanity and in all creation.

For the Maronite to pray is to live, and to live is to pray.  The process, called lucidity or “inner vision”, sees all created things as transparent, God-touched and divinized.

Maronite Spirituality

The Maronite perspective of prayer develops naturally into a way of life permeated with and formed by the bible called biblical spirituality.  Moreover, the monastic spirit permeates the Maronite prayer and liturgical life.

Genesis indicates that God, the hidden Mystery, revealed himself by speaking his Word into creation – a great symbol of the Creator.

This God “speaking” or unveiling occurs in:

  • Creation
  • Humanity
  • Scripture

God imprints upon nature, humanity and scripture his images which reveal Jesus. Thus the purpose of the universe is to prepare creation for the coming of Christ in the flesh and in glory.

We are Christians. We are Catholic. We are Maronite.


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