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The Maronite Family of faith welcomes you with peace, joy and love.

The Maronite spirituality, liturgy and traditions come from Antioch-Edessa, Syria. The Aramaic language, used in liturgy, is the same language Jesus spoke during his earthly life and ministry.

The Maronite Church, one of the oldest churches of Catholicism, was led by Maron, a priest (350-410 AD) who devotedly taught the Catholic faith, and ministered to many people with his gifts of healing and counsel. Today in the U.S.A. there are two eparchies (Dioceses) made up of about 75,000 Maronite Catholics.

Maronite History

The history of the Maronite Church is a story of people who were continually willing to sacrifice their lives and possessions for religious convictions and human liberties. Its origins can be traced to the hermit Maron (350-410 AD), who converted to a pagan temple for worship. Over 800 monks later followed in his footsteps and adopted the lifestyle and way of St. Maron, and became known as Maronites.

Maronite View

The Syriac Maronite Church views God as mystery. Since there is a great distance between Creator and creation no person can fully grasp God. All language about God is limited. The process leads to mystical union - the more one loves God, the more one encounters him.

We are Christians. We are Catholic. We are Maronite.


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